Just got these god damn AMAZING ebony wood plugs with pump-a-kin brass inlays from the very talented
They were meant for @naepiertattoo ‘s birthday earlier in the month, but luckily they came in time for Halloween! I love how the hand carved wood catches the brass refractions…. dreamy!


Finally ordered one of these :DDDSo excited to get it, it’s gorgeous! Once ive got it, I’m gunna decide whether to get my septum done and put my septum clicker in and change my nose ring to a stud or just leave my ring.

Industrial Strength Odyssey Helios Septum Clicker

The stark contrast of black and white is a classic combination in all areas of fashion and design. Here we’ve paired black diamonds and pearls to achieve that same stunning contrast. 
The Faraway ring features black cz’s while The Altura uses black diamond accents with a genuine white pearl in the center. 
Both pieces are made by Body Vision Los Angeles. 
Photos by Dan Steinbacher.